The Dark Side of the Moon – 40th anniversary 1973-2013

40 years ago, in March 1973, has been released The Dark Side of The Moon.

pink-floyd-dark-side-of-the-moon-40th-anniversary-cover-art It is the eighth studio album by Pink Floyd and it became band’s first number 1 album in the US, remaining on the chart for 741 weeks between 1973 and 1988. With an estimated 50 million copies sold, it is one of the best-selling and most critically acclaimed albums of all time, The Dark Side of The Moon also introduced the iconic album cover artwork by Hipgnosis, after a request for a ‘simple and bold’ design.

The Dark Side of the Moon’s themes include conflict, greed, the passage of time, and mental illness, the latter partly inspired by Barrett’s deteriorating mental state.
The suite was developed during live performances and was premiered several months before studio recording began.

The new material was recorded in two sessions in 1972 and 1973 at Abbey Road Studios in London. The group used some of the most advanced recording techniques of the time, including multitrack recording and tape loops. Analogue synthesisers were given prominence in several tracks, and a series of recorded interviews with the band’s road crew and others provided the philosophical quotations used throughout. Engineer Alan Parsons was directly responsible for some of the most notable sonic aspects of the album as well as the recruitment of non-lexical performer Clare Torry. The album’s iconic sleeve features a prism that represents the band’s stage lighting, the record’s lyrical themes, and keyboardist Richard Wright’s request for a “simple and bold” design.

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The Dark Side of the Moon – the making of

US release date: 10 March 1973; US charting date: 17-Mar-73 at #95 (highest US chart position was #1 some 7 weeks later on 28-Apr-73).

UK release date: 24 March 1973; UK charting date: 31-Mar-73 at #2 (highest UK chart position was #2 that week on 31-Mar-73).

882141_10151367383767308_561266547_o Track list
-) Speak to Me – 01:30 (Mason)
-) Breathe – 02:43 (Waters/Wright/Gilmour)
-) On the Run – 03:36 (Waters/Gilmour)
-) Time – 07:01 (Mason/Waters/Wright/Gilmour) (includes “Breathe (Reprise)”)
-) The Great Gig in the Sky – 04:36 (Wright)
-) Money – 06:22 (Waters)
-) Us and Them – 07:46 (Waters/Wright)
-) Any Colour You Like – 03:25 (Mason/Wright/Gilmour)
-) Brain Damage – 03:48 (Waters)
-) Eclipse – 02:03 (Waters)
All lyrics written by Roger Waters.

The Dark Side of the Moon – Live at Wembley 1974


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