Landscape is out !!!

Landascape (Preludes)

Salvo’s collaboration with the Sicilian piano player and composer, Orazio Longo, has grown into this album.

1) Landscape (O. Longo)
2) Timelapse (O. Longo)
3) Enrico (S. Guarrera)
4) Renoir (O. Longo)
5) Tumbledown affair (O. Longo / S. Inzerilli)
6) Crystalline (O. Longo / F. Castro)
7) Glasses (O. Longo)
8) Shapes on the ground (O. Longo)
9) Glasses part II (O. Longo)
10) Voices from space (S. Inzerilli)

Musician Credits

Samyr Guarrera – Sax
Giancarlo Scarvaglieri – Guitar
Salvatore Inzerilli – Electric Guitar
Orazio Longo – Piano and Synth
Francesco Castro – Electric Bass
Angelo Celso – Drums and Percussions

Full details here !!!

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